Eco Initiatives

Being environmentally responsible is important for all successful corporations. So is offering customers product options that consume less fuel and reduce their carbon footprints.  As an industry leader, FCCC has been producing hybrid and alternatively powered vehicles since 1996. Our global sustainability initiative is focused on reducing emissions, carbon dioxide levels and fuel consumption. And we’re dedicated to providing product solutions that meet consumers’ expectations while minimizing the impact on the environment.

FCCC’s operations are geared toward reducing our environmental impact through waste reduction and landfill avoidance while also improving air quality and employee awareness. We have achieved great success in these endeavors. In early 2007, FCCC averaged over 250,000 pounds of waste sent to local landfills each month. Through perseverance and teamwork, today FCCC is a Zero Waste to Landfill facility, reaching this status a full three months ahead of schedule. Where once there was over 100 pounds of solid landfill waste per chassis built, now there is none.

By standardizing how we manage our recyclable waste, we can now focus on sustainability and the push toward more environmental targets and objectives, such as further energy reductions and decreasing the need for recycling through reducing our overall waste generation and reusing whenever possible.

Our ongoing support for the environment is found in our commitment to deliver alternate-power options to our customers as well. We were the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to introduce hybrid-electric technology to the walk-in van market, and the first to bring it to the motorhome market as well. We also offer walk-in van and commercial bus chassis powered by compressed natural gas and liquid propane.  We recently introduced the hydraulic hybrid chassis for the walk-in van market and were the first to manufacture a non-plug-in hybrid-electric school bus chassis with our sister company, Thomas Built Buses. FCCC is an innovative, nimble and forward-thinking company that believes in offering alternative power solutions to our customers as well as maintaining environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.