XC-S Motorhome Chassis

The XC-S chassis has a straight-rail RV frame and lower weight rating, a prime choice for anyone moving up from a gasoline-powered motorhome into a diesel pusher.


  • 55-degree wheel cut
  • 9" high steel frame
  • Smoother ride and handling
  • Front air disc brakes as standard
  • Rear radiator with fan clutch
  • Quiet ride
  • GVWR: 26,000-34,700 lbs.

Freightliner XC-S motorhome chassis for your coach, featuring diesel engine, lower weight rating, and durable steel RV frame.

If you own a motorhome riding on an Freightliner XC-S chassis, you get all the premium benefits of diesel technology at a lower weight rating. Front and rear air suspensions for a smooth, comfortable, confident ride. A 55-degree wheel cut for excellent maneuverability. Lowered rear frame rail allowing flat floor throughout the coach.  And the FCCC hallmarks of reliability, quality, durability and maneuverability. No wonder this RV chassis is always the preferred choice for those looking for their first diesel-powered motorhome.