MT-55 Chassis

The MT-55 chassis is built to deliver excellent performance in the most demanding situations and heaviest payloads.


  • 50-degree wheel cut
  • Solid, smooth ride
  • Allison® 2100 HS transmission
  • Multiplex wiring
  • Four-wheel hydraulic ABS disc brakes
  • Air brakes and air suspension optional
  • GVWR: 20,500-30,000 lbs.

Newspaper delivery, industrial laundry, tool trucks, utility service. For demanding routes, nothing delivers like the MT-55. Built to handle massive payloads of up to 19,000 lbs., the MT-55 works hard all day, every day. With the power to pull steep hills, the maneuverability to get in and out of the tightest spots, and the dependable stopping power to handle any surprises that come your way, it’s hard to find a chassis that outperforms the MT-55. Of course, with a taper-leaf spring suspension or optional Airliner® air suspension that provides a smooth, comfortable ride, there isn’t any reason to look for one.